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Sunrise, sunset

Wherever you are in your journey of American life, there’s time for the ebbs and flow of special moments. Moments of reflection and self nurturing aren’t always obvious. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and force yourself to take a minute to focus on the positive times in your life, and intend for there to be more.

I like to think of water and light. Any recent scene will do, and if it’s not live, you can watch a little Island Life, or Beachfront Bargain Front on HGTV to help set the mood. I am absolutely convinced that these shows were designed as self-help for mothers.

This creative mother is lucky to have been to so many great water destinations over the years. Whether real or imagined, current or from memory, there is nothing like a great coastline to cleanse the body and mind and reset your “lucky meter.”

What’s a lucky meter you say? A lucky meter is that inner voice that whines to you that you don’t have enough, aren’t comfortable with the present circumstances, and that you’ve been treated unfairly. Everybody has one. Your “lucky meter” can also be a loud reminder that nothing hurts, you have all the basics, and you’re so privileged to be living in America today with the freedom to do what you choose, say what you want, and change anything you don’t like.

You always have control of your lucky meter, no matter what anyone says or does. It’s yours, just like your head, or your hands… Which are two very useful human tools you’ve been gifted with as well. Remember to use them!