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Sorting out labels for art styles

Autumn Swamp 12x16

Abstract or Figurative Style Art

One thing I have noticed about being an artist is you have to prove you can
“draw” before anyone takes you seriously. Even if the style is abstract expressionism, many art buyers want to know that the artist has skills, and that she could paint realistically if the mood caught her.

A look at Pablo Picasso’s early work proves the point. He didn’t just jump to cubism, it was a process. Certainly he gained respect and notoriety along the way. He was awesome like that.

I consider Autumn Swamp, my original painting featured above to be figurative. It represents forms that are recognizably derived from life, stimulates a mood in the beholder, but is not photo-realistic. This painting below, entitled Autumn Calling, is inspired by the same scene in my creative psyche. Of course, some folks may completely reject the figuratism and say it’s completely abstract expression.

Autumn Calling
Part of the Imaginary Flora series by Francelle Theriot

There’s an interesting article about Abstract vs. Figurative Art published by that provides some very interesting definitions and examples from more famous artists than I.

I’d love to know what your thoughts and preferences are. Please leave a comment or share this post.

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Take me to the river with the campy artwork

For as long as I’ve lived, the water has spoken to me. Brown water, blue water, green water, clear water, river water, lake water, sea water, and even bayou water. Here’s a little series I worked up with my digital art skills. I’m going to be working this concept into an acrylic on canvas series as well. LOVE negative space and painterly texture!

These watery blue scenes take you to your favorite fishing hole, camp or marina…even if it’s just in your dreams. A mix of photo realism, with a modern painterly background, irresistible for home or office

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These and all original abstract landscape watercolor painting and digital images are property of Francelle Theriot. Copyright 2017-All rights reserved.